The Makers of Survivor Z & Zday Survival Simulator

A note from Survivor Z creator about player inventory

It recently came to my attention after one of our more ardent survivors came to me with log in problems that some players may be under the impression that the point of Survivor Z is to accumulate as many items as possible, and create caches full of these items all around. That would be a fun game, and I may someday sit down and design that one, and when I do I will call it something like: “Packrat” or “Hoarder”. Although that would be fun, I would like to remind all players that this game is called “Survivor Z”, and as the name implies, Survival is the name of the game. The player I am referring to shall remain anonymous, but he had collected over 41,000 items, and it was causing his player profile to be so big that the data was failing to load upon log in, and we had to make changes to our back end server scripts to accommodate his hulking collection. So to all players who have 125 claw hammers, 236 sewing kits, and 348 pocket knives, I would like to suggest that you lighten your load. I don’t feel that I should really have to tell any of you that if you ever find yourself in a real post-apoc situation that you would never find a practical use for this kind of collection of household items, nor would it benefit you to try and accumulate this much baggage. Survival means staying agile, being smart, and keeping your powder dry.
So if you’re a hoarder, I want you to go to your safe house and throw our all but 1 or two of all these household items. And when you find something you don’t need, don’t pick it up. What’s the worst thing that could happen? The world has already ended. 😉

– Ed