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Find a Survivor Van in April and Share to win even more!!

Find a Survivor Van in April and Share to win even more!!
We are preparing the release of the April challenge.  I would like to ask for some help in promoting the contest, and announce a “contest within a contest” idea that I had.

Obviously, word of mouth is very helpful to indie developers like me who can;t afford big money ads.

So if every player that actually finds the survivor van could post a screenshot or share the experience somehow, share with me via Facebook or this forum how they chose to promote the find, I am going to pick the best THREE and award them with a Pretty amazing free IAP and a Survivor Z T-Shirt.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Find the van
2. Get a screenshot or somehow visually depict the found van (proof you found it)
3. Promote/share it however you choose, your favorite social media, blog, youtube, whatever.
4. Send me a link to your promo/share via our Survivor Z Facebook page or this thread.

I will choose 3 that I feel are most effective and most original.

IAP will be given out after end of contest (April 15) and T-shirts are limited to Continental US players only.

Thank you and good luck!!


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