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Mongadillo to re-release Joe Keatinge’s “Comic Con Z” for SDCC

To celebrate San Diego Comic Con Mongadillo Studio’s plans to re-release Joe Keatinge’s 2013 “Comic Con Z” challenge for Survivor Z for a limited 5 day period. The challenge originally debuted in July 2013, and was available for a year, but has been out of circulation since last year. New players will have a limited opportunity to own this unique and replay-able challenge written by the award-winning Joe Keatinge.

Set in San Diego, the story begins as you awaken inside of a train car, alone, unarmed and in the hands of slavers, you are bound for the arena to be slaughtered for entertainment. Escape and fight your way through the horde-filled event hall, fighting in the shadow of the Comic Cons of the past, where you must face the real world dangers of the undead and the arena that beckons you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own this masterpiece, as there is no guarantee it will be available again. Check your in-game merchant Wednesday July 8th to buy.