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Survivor Z gets a 9/10 for Gameplay on LevelSave

Survivor Z gets a 9/10 for Gameplay on LevelSave

Survivor Z – The People It Kills Get up and Kill

Published on February 25, 2013, by Austin Griffith

Survivor Z is the latest title from the creators of the zombie survival simulator “ZDay”. Survivor Z has the same basic elements of its predecessor, only with more fun baked in. You’ll start Survivor Z at the same time the outbreak occurs in the original ZDay, as all hell starts to break loose you’ll be given text based choices to make as you make your way towards your stronghold. The game plays like a text based adventure for the most part. You’ll be given a scenario and have to use a sett of choices to figure it out. There normally isn’t any right or wrong answer, some just end with better cases then ever.

The real innovation in Survivor Z comes with it’s use of your location settings. Survivor Z is always pinging your location to give you more places to visit and loot in the apocalypse. This will have you always searching for more environments. This does have it’s downfalls though, as once you loot somewhere it can’t be searched again. This will create problems if you like to play only at your home, because unless you play at school or work, you’ll have nothing to do.

The things Survivor Z gets right, though, it certainly gets right. The game has a unique system for your loot, which has you using it to open up doors and boxes, and fight zombies. That’s right, zombies. Survivor Z also has a unique board game type system for fighting the zombies you encounter. You can use almost any item you find, including guns, to mow down zombies and survivors alike.

Overall. Survivor Z is a fun romp through your city after the zombie apocalypse hits and it will certainly keep you coming back for more – as long as you’re able to play out of your homestead.