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What’s the star mean? It’s a notification!

What’s the star mean?  It’s a notification!

Have you noticed that there is a star icon on your player avatar image in the lower left hand corner of your Survivor Z explorer screen? It doesn’t mean you have been elected Sheriff. What it can mean is that there is a new item in the merchant, or a notification that you have not seen. When you see this, tap your player Avatar to switch to the Player Status view, here you will see what is new, whether it s new merchant item, challenge or player bulletin.
Be sure to turn on notifications to get up to the minute updates and announcements from the makers of Survivor Z. We do not auto-spam like many games, all of our notifications come directly from real people on the dev team here at Survivor Z, and are always important and relevant.

To enable Notifications, go to:

Settings>Notification Center and enable notifications for Survivor Z.