The Makers of Survivor Z & Zday Survival Simulator

Announcement: New game in the works at Mongadillo Studios

The “Survivor” series which includes ZDAY Survival Simulator and Survivor Z are soon to get a companion.  Creator Ed Anderson has announced that designs are underway for what he is calling “the next evolution” in the text based survival adventure game series.  The new game which has not even been given a working title yet, promises to bring players a combination of the location-based gameplay of Survivor Z and the fast paced action of strategy games like Hearthstone by Blizzard Games.
Ed Anderson released this quote about the upcoming title; “This evolution will be by far the biggest innovation we have ever attempted. I expect that players who enjoyed will appreciate it for all the reasons they liked Survivor Z, but will love the new features and game elements, some of which they have been asking for for years, and some they will find brand new and we hope very exciting.”
There has been no release date discussed, but Anderson says that things are underway on design, and that the timeline to release will be as fast as possible without compromising the final product. Insiders suggest early 2018 as a possible date for release of a Beta. Expected target platforms will be iOS, and possibly Mac.