The Makers of Survivor Z & Zday Survival Simulator

ZDay Survival Simulator gets major update!

The text based zombie survival game “ZDay Survival Simulator” is getting a major update this week.  Version 3.0 is expected to be available next week.
“The new version is much more than just a patch or an update, it’s a complete overhaul from top to bottom.” said Ed Anderson, Creator of ZDay Survival Simulator and Survivor Z.  “The engine is completely new, and a hundred times more sophisticated than the previous one.  it’s like going from a mechanical typewriter to a super computer in terms of the game’s sophistication.”
The game’s engine is the same as that found in Survivor Z, with some elements disabled such as online play and required location data.  Players will notice similarities to the interface, which now gives them the ability to control their inventory, arm their NPC (non-player characters) with weapons.  In addition, the challenge content has been changed to accommodate the new engine and it’s vastly improved capabilities to record and respond to user input.   There is also over 30% more new content in the game, meaning challenges will be harder, and more expansive than in previous versions.

The new version will include iAds at the bottom of the screen on iPhone 5 and up.